Worrying is a Waste

Easier said than done, but you really shouldn’t sweat yesterday – it already happened. It’s done. The same goes for tomorrow. Sure, you have a bit more say in what “could” happen, but spending too much time obsessing over it quickly becomes counter productive. Try focusing on today and/or the immediate moment. You’ve got a ton of control over how that goes and doing so gives you somewhere around 132% better chance of not driving yourself up a wall by worrying.

Worrying = Waste of time, energy, resources and ability. Plus, it sucks and you’re smarter than that.



One thought on “Worrying is a Waste

  1. MikeBarbre says:

    Worry, (or fear) CAN be a waste of time, OR it can serve as one of the greatest of motivations. For many, the difference can be very confusing, and it’s possible to lose oneself to fear through inaction. Channeling that worry, or fear, into productivity is a very powerful thing. The key, though, is taking action. Do SOMETHING.

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