Allocate Anger

How in the world can someone blame the poor for our problems? First of all, America has plenty of money. We allocate it like a bunch of greedy dickwads, but we’ve got the dough. So if you think we’re poor as a country, you’re wrong. Secondly, has anyone heard of math? I could go into great detail, but to make it easy for everyone…let’s consider that national defense, corporate welfare and the cost of running the government makes up, at the very least, 60-65% of our budget, that our debt to China was done by government and business leaders and realize that none of that goes to, is, or has been the effect of “poor” people (except to an extent, immigration, and the part where young Americans die for BS wars and the wealthy get even more wealthy). 

I won’t deny that healthcare, immigration and social security need some serious adjustments, but, again, who is responsible for the errors within those and why? It sure as hell doesn’t benefit the poor for these things to be as jacked up as they currently are. So why punish them further? You’re advocating for taking away things from people who don’t have anything to begin with. 

Finally, what the hell is “poor” and what makes it that way for folks? Do you really think that laziness and stupidity is the cause of all our country’s problems? Do you honestly believe that the majority of “poor” people are that way by choice? Do you really believe that we all start on equal footing? Or that no one benefits from holding a large chunk of society down? The fact that I have to ask those questions shows the flat-out ignorance that is both being pushed on people and is being accepted by people to believe because it fits their narrow minded and/or ignorant viewpoints. Hell, in my lifetime alone, wages for the majority of people have been stagnant while the amount the wealthiest have made has increased over 300%. That’s just one example of 100’s out there! 

If you find yourself blaming those less fortunate for all our problems, not only are you being illogical, you’re being a complete asshole. Are all poor people innocent? Of course not. Are all poor people lazy, mean spirited, stupid and content to siphon off all our resources? Don’t be ridiculous. You know that’s not true. So stop. Point your anger where it should be directed – Straight at the people pulling the strings of the US government.


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