Getting used to not going to an office for work is crazy. I mean, I’m sitting here at Joey’s, actually doing work, but also having an excellent time. Time for a break with the work stuff. As I was chilling, I realized something: I haven’t really told all of you what’s been going on.

All of these changes started nearly two months ago. Most of you know that I was doing a talk show, had a campaignthat, while very fulfilling, was not as successful, so I put the show on hiatus for a while. One of the reasons I did that is because I accepted a job as a business/marketing consultant. This was very exciting for me as it is something I’ve always done (and have done for many of you) since I’ve been this active in social media and the opportunity to get paid for it and work for an up and coming business? You know I had to take it!

As this is happening, I’m also trying out BeachBody. I was already hooked on and committed to using the products, but since my girlfriend has been with them for so long and I have such an awesome social network, I would be stupid not to: a) Take advantage of the situation; and b) Provide an opportunity for all of you to enjoy great products, great fitness programs and, if you choose, a chance to make some money on the side (PS: You can choose to do one, two, or all three of those things at whatever pace you like – plus, there’s a 30 money back guarantee and I’ll pay for your shipping and handling if you don’t like it). So, BeachBody is, for me, a side gig. But I’m part of an incredible team, of which we have several people who are full-time BeachBody, which is an excellent advantage. 

Finally, I’m also working on an entrepreneurial endeavor that I can’t really talk too much about, but should definitely teach me a ton and that I’m also excited about. These three things (especially my work, which I could not be more excited to start) are now the bulk of my existence. 

Beyond that, some amazing things are happening, not just professionally, but personally. My relationship is thriving, my friends and family are supportive and major changes are happening….quickly. To be honest – I LOVE it!!! All I would ask of all of you is to be patient with me as the format of my page/profile is going to be tweaked a little. Still the same Brian, still promoting the same mindset and still reminding you that you are so AWESOME that I nearly can’t deal! Thanks, everyone. Love ya.


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