Go Hawks!

Bringing the NW together, one 'Go Hawks' at a time.

Bringing the NW together, one ‘Go Hawks’ at a time.

To those of you who think that getting crazy over sports is lame:

Just ran into a guy I know who is not one to freely express his feelings or emotions. He was walking towards me wearing Seahawks gear. As he passed by, I said, “Go Hawks!” He paused, stuck his hand out, gave me a bro hug (you know, the handshake, then the pull-in, culminating with the pat on the back) and said:

“All of this is incredible. I’ve always been a Hawks fan and to see how this team is literally bringing people together…well, damn. All I have to say is Atlanta isn’t going to know what hit them, you f’n rock and, finally….Go Hawks!”

I looked back, smiled about as wide as I ever could and said:

“Damn straight, bro. Go Hawks!”

There are many reasons to be a Russell Wilson fan, but I think my favorite is that he says, ‘Go Hawks’ after every interview (national or local) that he does. The best part of that? It brings folks together. Even better? I think Mr. Wilson understands that perfectly.


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