A Miracle

Miracles come in all shapes, form, sizes and belief structures. Some have been proven, which blasts the love = miracles and love = God equations up. Some have not, which keeps the ‘God is Miracles’ people going. One thing we all know is that love is an emotion. Last time I checked, atheists still believed in those, especially when you consider they are scientifically proven to exist.

The Christian (or any other religion’s concept of…) ‘god’ isn’t the only god out there and does not have the market on “miracles” cornered. Someone like myself who believes that we are all one and connected (i.e. a universalist, humanist, western Buddhist, etc.) can offer a reasonable perspective on miracles, in my opinion.

If God is love and we all have the ability to love within ourselves, then we are all gods or, at the very least, we are all equal in the eyes of whatever god you choose to believe in.

According to most philosophical or spiritual doctrine (even that of atheists), this concept holds true. We are all equal. In fact, the reason many atheists are atheists is because of the inherent inequality within most major religions. If you don’t believe in what we do, then you go to hell to rot for eternity? Very lame…and reeks of artificial interference.

It is reasonable to say that we are all miracles. We all get to make our own determinations about what a miracle is or is not, even the atheists. While I’m not an atheist, it seems very non-loving and extremely non-Christian to suggest that an atheist or anyone else, like myself, who does not believe in organized religion has no concept of love.

Best wedding I’ve ever been to? A couple of atheists. Religion with the highest number of divorces? Christianity.

Folks, be careful throwing those absolutes around. Not everyone agrees with your beliefs, so stop acting like they do. Or, even worse, stop acting like they should.


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