Glob of Awesomeness

A supernova remnant about 11,000 light years away.


This picture is of the remains of a massive star that exploded in a supernova. I prefer, “Glob of Awesomeness.”

When I’m having a rough day, I find myself gravitating towards pictures such as this one. I think it helps me to remember my place in this universe. Remembering that I am but a speck of sand is a good thing, in my opinion. Keeps me from my ego running amok. It is also incredibly humbling. A funny thing about being reasonably intelligent is that the more you know, the more you realize that you have absolutely no clue whatsoever.

Overcoming obstacles in the best way possible is precisely what separates the successful from the unsuccessful. That said, a successful person is also likely to endure much more difficulty on their way to achieving those goals. Most of us pick and choose which spots we want to “bet big” on. Sometimes, we succeed. Other times? Not so much.

When you don’t meet your goals in the way you set out to, this does not mean that you will not get there. Often, we meet our goals, but not exactly in the way we had mapped out. This is a great thing. It keeps us on our toes and allows us to entertain any other opportunities that might come along the way.

The majority of us are busting our asses through life, simply trying to do our best. We might fail, but we also learn, grow, recover, get back up and try again.

Here’s to all the folks out there giving it their best. This “Glob of Awesomeness” is for you!


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