Who and Why?

I was just asked who I would vote for and why. Here’s my answer:

President Obama. He doesn’t lie about his policies, he isn’t supported by racists, fascists and bigots and he understands the plight of the average American FAR more than Mr. Romney does. In fact, the response prior to mine should compel you to vote for President Obama as well. Here’s why: Romney doesn’t know how to run businesses – he only knows how to destroy them. The respondent claims that Romney will, “let Americans keep their money?” This kind of misguided notion that is deliberately put out there by those who support Romney is yet another reason I would never vote for him. Folks have to learn how to call a lie a lie, even if it fits into what they want to hear.

People who think Obama is “taking their money” are, by far, the least informed, most easily swayed people out there. If they did basic math and understood how to critically think, they would realize that the President can’t take anyone’s money – he doesn’t create laws. They would also know that he has given tax breaks to 96% of Americans. You really, truly have more money back from the government under President Obama than you have in earlier years.

The President isn’t perfect. Either is the two-party system, not to mention the horrific corruption that unlimited money has brought to our political process. Like many, I’d prefer more voices, more options and more truth-telling from all sides. However, out of the two, the President’s option is FAR better for the average American in my not-so-humble opinion.

If people could step outside of themselves for a second and realize what’s going on around them, they would plainly see a Republican party that lives in an alternate universe that, although they continually claim otherwise, never existed in the first place. Time to wake up. When/if they don’t – every day that goes by will be harder and harder for them….and none of us, as tempted as we may be, should want that.


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