Facts are facts…right?

I am simultaneously amazed and frightened by the power that humans have. It seems to me that there are three kinds of people out there. One kind are the intelligent, forward-thinking type that understand their place in the world and choose to do more good than evil as a result. The next kind is just like the first, except they tend to be more selfish, greedy and choose to use their power more for individual pursuits than the greater good. The last type of person is someone who is not aware of their own power and has no idea that it even exists.

You tell me: If you had to guess the percentages of people in America that fall into these categories, what would you say? 50/30/10? 75/15/10? The truth is that no one can predict these percentages accurately. We can, however, use our critical thinking skills to come up with our best judgment. Furthermore, we all have to recognize our own roles as it pertains to this. Do you know which group you fall in?

Therein lies the largest problem. Today, people create their own facts, especially when the facts they learn contradict what they’ve been taught. For instance, the President is, for the most part, a moderate Republican. He is willing to flex our military muscle, he caters to big business, he is a Christian, he cares about equality and has genuinely helped the middle class during his four years.

On one hand, you can already see how he cannot win. He is not left enough for progressives and he’s too centrist for extreme right-wingers. Not to mention, he is our first African-American President, so all the racists (and sexists and bigots) that vote will certainly be voting Republican, as they have generally done in modern times.

Based on my revealing of all those facts, I’m sure many would assume I am a progressive liberal. If you take society’s definitions of those, that would be where I fall. That said, I’m also pro-death penalty, for fiscal responsiblity and I think a good balance between state and federal power is necessary. Wait…now I sound like a Libertarian. That’s my point.

The majority of Americans do not subscribe to one political party all the way down the line. Yet, the media, business and our government treats us. Purposefully or not, they continue to work under this false assumption. This results in giving “fair coverage” to liars, cheats and fascists. Many in the media would tell you that allowing a Tea Partier to come on their show to talk about how President Obama was “not born in the country” (when EVERYONE knows that he was and fact after fact after fact have backed it up) is giving both sides a fair chance. This is complete and utter bullshit.

Facts are facts. The FACT is President Obama is eligible for the Presidency based on our laws. We should not give any sort of respect to people/parties/entities that deliberately produce, generate falsehoods or that flat-out lie. At the very least, someone should be calling them on it on the spot. It’s one thing to say that your product is the best. It’s entirely another to say that your product does x when you know that it doesn’t.

Today, people stuck in the middle of this are either seeing the light or running away from it. Those who are currently waking up are experiencing amazing growth as human beings. Those running from the light? Well, they may not know it, but their lives are getting more difficult by the second. In fact, there are those who want you to run away from the light. How else can they control and predict what you will do?

Make no mistake about it, while Democrats are not perfect, while two parties do not even come close to representing America as a whole, while our government needs some major league upgrading and while money has corroded just about everything and while we are forced into deciding between only two people (who are both propped up there by big money and corruption), there is a clear-cut choice. That choice is President Obama.

Why does an Independent who also understands the “big picture” also support the President? Pretty easy. Four main reasons:

1) He doesn’t support a fascist agenda. (Think I’m crazy? Look up the definition and traits of Fascism.)

2) He has literally helped the middle class. While it is not as fast as some of us would like, we are, overall, in a better spot than we were four years ago.

3) The Republicans want to take us back to how it was under Bush;

and 4) These two clips…which have both been proven time and time again to be completely factual.

Yeah, I’m biased. Biased towards factual information. These two clips are FACT. The first is Romney reminding you that he either doesn’t understand how taxes work, or that he really doesn’t like poor people. The second is former President Clinton’s amazing, correct, far-more-honest-than-typical speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Let me reiterate: These are FACT. Every stat that Clinton states is TRUE. What Romney is discussing with the uber-wealthy is REAL. Many of them sincerely, truly think this way about their fellow Americans. Although I endorse him, I’m not asking for you to vote for President Obama as much as I am asking you to use your critical thinking skills. Use the incredible power that you have as a human being.

Why? Because you are awesome…we just need to remind everyone else that they are too.

Clip #1 – Romney’s “47%” gaff


Clip #2 – Clinton’s DNC speech



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