U Mad Bro?

They are so angry, aren’t they? Of course, I would be too if stuck in a self-made box that I have convinced myself that I can’t break through. It is frustrating to see large aspects of your culture evaporate right in front of your eyes. Being constantly reminded that several elements of what you learn are flat-out wrong is very difficult to deal with. Most, if not, all of us have experienced this to one degree or another, but there is a significant group of people in America who are dealing with this on a huge, paradigm-shifting scale.

If you understand how to think critically, this is not a problem for you. You may like, dislike, be cautiously optimistic or as cynical about our society and government as you ever were, but you can’t deny that changes are happening. The people I’m referring to truly believe they can prevent these changes from happening. They falsely believe that the bulk of these changes they see and oppose are because of the government, or one political party, or because of “others.”

These are people who still buy into that “Democrats vs. Republicans” “Liberal vs. Conservative” “Red vs. Blue” dynamic forced down our throats for more years that I have been alive. The people who really control the government want you to believe that this is the way it is. You’re either a commie/libtard/socialist or you’re a Christian fundamentalist/tea-bagger/redneck who loves war and Jesus. If you are buying this idiocy coming from (and at) either side, you are doing it wrong. Sure, elements of it are true, but if you think these extremes truly represent a large majority of our country, you are WRONG.

The real discussion is about the fact that there are only two parties. About how money has corrupted our government to an almost inescapable degree. We should talk about how we are always forced to choose between the “lesser of two evils.” We should talk about money allocation, why there are so many tax loopholes, why outdated and unnecessary aspects of our government (i.e. filibusters, corporate welfare, electoral college) continue to exist, how America should not serve as the “police of the world” and how we should not put our brave men and women in uniform in danger just so the rich can get richer.

But…no. We still have to deal with the non-critical thinkers out there. The people who buy these insane lies put out by propaganda machines. In fact, our mainstream media (and much of online media) loves to perpetuate these lies. They draw, attention, ratings, money and ad buys…all it costs you is throwing your ethics, morals and patriotism out the window. Because of all of this, there are people who truly think that welfare and unemployment recipients, public workers and illegal immigrants are the reason for our economic problems. These are people who do not even have the basic math skills required to understand our budget.

My proposition is this: Let’s humble them. Even more. Constantly. In fact, let’s not be nice or PC about it either. Use sarcasm, condescension, tough love, biting humor…whatever it takes. We are talking about people who are literally destroying the fabric of our country. They are the reason that media, politicians and many wealthy people use to rationalize their anti-American behavior and beliefs. They are the people who allow hate-spewing fascists like Rush, Sean, Ann and Michelle to exist. Folks, this is the war going on. Right here on our shores.

The irony is that so-called conservatives, Tea Partiers and the like will never get what they ultimately want. It’s scientifically, socially and realistically impossible. We cannot go back to 1920, regardless of how hard we could try. Why the hell would we want to anyhow? Did you like it when we were more racist, sexist and bigoted? The people who believe in and/or perpetuate this nonsense need to understand the true reason they aren’t getting that angry response in return that they so deeply crave.

Here are the facts: The lemmings are the minority. The only reason they falsely believe there are more of them is because there is a signficant amount of money devoted to creating that false appearance. The difference between now and before? Too many of us know the score. Citizens United helped to do that. When we realized that our own Supreme Court was in the bag of corporations, we knew how shady the entire government had become. That’s why, in spite of insane amounts of spending, we understand that we’re going to choose President Obama.

Unlike last time, most of us who will vote for him see him as the “lesser of two evils.” Most of us understand how broken and corrupted the entire system is. I am more pro-Obama than many. But I cannot deny the way that the Democrats and Republicans play with each other (by fake fighting) to manipulate naive citizens into voting against their best interests. This vicious cycle allows them to seem opposed while having elements of a joint front. Want to see bi-partisanship? Allow the Justice, Progressive, Labor, Green or Libertarian parties to start gaining some significant steam or come together. Then you’ll see the Dems and GOP act like two peas in a pod!

Vote for President Obama this November. We’re pretty much being forced to anyhow.  Are you going to vote for real fascists? I didn’t think so. Once the President wins again, we can begin putting incredible pressure on our government and businesses by creating other practical, viable parties and by continuously attacking the corrosive nature of money in politics, campaign finance reform, overturning Citizens United and assuring that voices are heard and, more importantly, taken seriously.

The change is happening. This change is not being facilitated or created by our government. Remember, they work for whomever tells them to work. Right now, instead of citizens telling them (as it should), we have most of them being told what to do by special interest. These are facts. Not spin. We tell our government what to do. We run the show. Now, we have more tools than ever to do so. Why don’t they report on this? Two main reasons: 1) Because most major media outlets are in the bag of big business as well; and 2) Because several people out there cannot fully accept that this has happened.

Keep being true to yourself and others. Keep spreading love, knowledge and acceptance. But, for the people who refuse to see it, we have to turn it up a notch. Promote critical thinking. Stop being so nice to those who do not deserve it. Stop being a pushover. Those are primary reasons we find ourselves in the predicament that we are in. Be straightforward, honest and, if it’s required, tough. Don’t turn a blind eye to the most blinded people in history. Wake them up. There are ways we can accomplish this without the help of media, government and/or money. In fact, I would argue that it is already happening.


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