Less Fortunate

Why don’t our politicians talk about helping the poor? Well, the GOP doesn’t really want to help – they are of the belief that having a substantial amount of poor people actually helps the country (or, they try to convince you that it will “trickle down”). The Democrats won’t help because poor people and the organizations that help them don’t have any money to help them battle the GOP – there’s no political benefit for them aggressively pursue fighting poverty.

Meanwhile, those of us who care far less about political ramifications and far more about helping those less fortunate and job creation (which also helps those less fortunate) are left to fight against all of this money, which has corrupted the moral compass in this country so severely that you have a large amount of so-called Christians who think it’s Christ-like to blame those less fortunate for our problems and promote policies and ideologies that would bring more suffering to them. And I’m the heathen?

Remember, it’s not about who is left, right, Dem, GOP, Christian, Muslim, lib, conservative, progressive, Independent, blue, red, purple polka-dots or whatever. Labels are mainly used to divide us. It’s about doing what is right. It’s about knowing, deep down in your heart, what you would want someone to do for you, should you ever be in that place.

Many people choose to vote Republican because they believe they will be super-wealthy someday. I get it. Hope and optimism are far more pleasant to focus on. On the other hand, shouldn’t you also be a little mindful of the fact that it could go the other way? I’m not saying that should/would compel you to vote Democrat, I’m just saying that casting your vote because of what may happen in the future is not a wise choice to make.

These misguided notions are part of the reason that those less fortunate are not talked about. Some of those less fortunate are the same people who have convinced themselves that they will be rich someday. A few of them are even convinced to vote against their best interests! When that happens, the powers that be smile wide because of a job well done. Can you blame them? We have allowed this to go on for far too long. Our complacency, disinterest, divisive natures and propaganda are all factors in this.

Yes, there’s plenty of blame to go around. Should we be fighting against this and standing up for what is right? Of course. But before we do that, we all need to take a long, hard look in the mirror and ask ourselves some very difficult questions that we are not likely to enjoy the answers to. Figure out how to know your place in the world. Put yourself in other people’s’ shoes. Examine what has made you angry, harness it and funnel that anger into positive, pro-active steps. We must check these feelings within ourselves. If we don’t, they become distorted, corrosive and warp our sense of reality.

If we can’t help ourselves, we can’t help anyone else. If we choose negativity over positivity, that is exactly what we will get. Once a majority of us understand ourselves better, then the greedy, propaganda-using, hate-filled, fear-mongering, bullying types lose their power. Know why? Because their power and self-worth is all surface. Most of us understand that true power comes from within.

Believe in that and the designation “less fortunate” will begin to apply to the right people – those bullies who seek power and wealth without conscience.


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