Obama Campaign Expects $100 Million Month From Mitt Romney

The amount of money being spent is ridiculous. It always has been, but CU has made it crazy. The title of this article references the amount being spent by only one of the presidential candidates. Between the both of them, they’ll be sniffing $2 billion! Now think about all the races in all of the states and how much money that would be combined….

Wonder if that money could be spent more intelligently? But “we’re broke, we’re broke!” Baloney. We aren’t financially broken – we’re morally broken. Just look at all the media outlets that treat lobbying, buying elections and purposefully misleading the American public like it’s ok. Are you f*cking kidding me? The only thing worse are the misguided people that buy into it.

We have far more in common (so do Obama and Romney) than we are led to believe. There is one, large problem and we all see it: Money – mainly its corrupting influence and how it’s appropriated. All the rest (at least, for now) is distraction.

There’s plenty to criticize the President about. As Americans, it’s our duty to do so. However, the agenda being proposed by the GOP is incredibly harmful to the majority of us. If you think they have your best interests in mind, you mine as well keep giving them your money. They’ll be taking it by force come next January…if we’re dumb enough to let that happen. (PS: We aren’t.)
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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