Joe Jonas…Gentleman

Have you seen this new show, “The Choice?” It’s a new program on Fox that is a blatant rip-off of NBC’s “The Voice.” The big difference? Instead of choosing musical acts to coach, these are men choosing women to go on dates with. Oh…and by, “dates,” I really mean the guys are choosing which woman they will be enjoying that evening and then calling the next day (or never) to explain how it “just won’t work out.” Most of the men on that show are clearly doing that…but not Joe Jonas.

To be honest, I wouldn’t expect to see any gentleman on that show. Most of the woman aren’t worthy of a gentleman’s attention in the first place. So, everyone gets what they want. The stars get primetime exposure (and hot women) and the women get to go on dates with stars, which increases their exposure as well. Plus, everyone gets paid. The show is extremely shallow and plays to the lowest common denominator as many (if not, most) reality shows do. Although, there is one star who didn’t get that memo: Joe Jonas.

The show works like this: The guys turn around and a woman comes out and tries to pitch herself for 30 seconds or so. Ideally, a chair or two will turn around and then the woman chooses which male celebrity to go with. After each guy picks three, he has a quick, timed conversation with each, then eliminates one. After that, the remaining two women from each team answer a personal question. After their response, the male celebrity comes up to the stage and chooses which woman to take out.  Most of the men that I saw were eyeballing the women as if they were literally pieces of meat. Except Joe Jonas…he looked intrigued and serious.

I did impressive myself with my own ability to sit through an entire episode of this drivel. It wasn’t so much that it’s sexist (it is), or that the combined IQ‘s of everyone on the show doesn’t hit three figures. It was, well, super boring and very lame. I mean, I’m all about beautiful women and am very open-minded about relationships and sexuality, but don’t lie to us. As if the Bachelor and Bachelorette are really looking for true love? Please.  Never say never, though. In fact, there was one, shining beacon of hope on the show. The aforementioned Mr. Jonas.

After each guy chooses the girl he wants to go on a date with, she follows him back to his seat and they watch the rest of the guys choose their dates. On the particular episode I saw, each guy went back the seat with his date and made her stand there while he sat. I don’t know who raised those men, but if you are with a woman (any woman) and there’s only one seat available, you offer it to her. That’s what a gentleman does. In fact, that’s what a real man does. That said, I wasn’t surprised that the dude from Loveline (that’s still a show?), the actor (a CW darling, I believe) and the Olympic snowboarder didn’t show much respect to the women they chose. They were just looking for a casual situation anyhow….except Joe Jonas.

You see, Joe, is apparently a gentleman. He was the only one on the show that seemed sincerely interested in the woman he chose. How could I tell? He was the only one at the end of the show who gave up his seat to the girl. Plus, they had a connection…honest! Even if it was one night for Mr. Jonas and his date, he at least understands how to treat a woman properly. While I’ll never watch the show again and I’m not likely to buy any Jonas Brothers albums, I would like to give major league props to their mother and father for raising a gentleman. Unfortunately, they are a rare commodity these days. Almost as rare as a “real” reality show.


One thought on “Joe Jonas…Gentleman

  1. Pixita says:

    You summed that up really well. Those of us who are Jonas Brothers fans knew this about Joe all along, but it is really nice to see that others recognize his greatest attribute, not his looks but rather his heart.

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