Notre Dame Suing Obama Administration Over Birth Control Mandate

The mandate doesn’t dictate that the people have to take the services provided. Also, over 90% of Catholic women admit to using contraception (for a variety of purposes – why do people think it’s just for sexual protection?). This has more than a little to do with the large, rapidly-growing number of people who are understanding the inherent hypocrisy in all religion and adjusting accordingly (modifying their beliefs, becoming more “spiritual”, realizing we’re all equal/interconnected, etc.).

The Catholic Church should and will take a major butt-kicking until its people (who are good-natured, well-meaning folks who truly want to help) stand up to their leadership. Until one of those priests raping little kids goes to jail and/or they stop treating women as inferior, the decline will continue.

Religion is a business just like any other. They need people, resources and money to function. As Americans, we have to deal with the fact that some of our tax money goes towards things (like wars, subsidies for oil companies and religious organizations, businesses that ship jobs overseas, etc.) that we don’t like.

This is just another orchestrated distraction that, while having valid points, only serves to distract us. This will not be the end of the Affordable Health Care Act, it won’t be the end of the debate surrounding religious beliefs and our laws and it won’t be the issue that wins/loses the election for President Obama or Mitt Romney.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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