Pointing Fingers

You have every right to be angry, but I am also someone who can find 100% disagreement (or agreement) for any piece of information, any fact or any position anyone could ever hold. That is incredibly frustrating, isn’t it? Since we know that is the case, why do you choose to blame the President for far too many things that are completely out of his control and/or for things he never did in the first place?

People want to blame him for how much in taxes they pay? What? I understand that making $100k/year puts you in  a tough bracket. Perhaps the most unfair tax bracket to be in. No joke. Of course, we should mention the fact that making that level of money, even with the unfair tax burden, still puts you well ahead of a vast majority of the country financially. For the record, that is the reason I do not complain – I would actually pay more. Let us put that aside, though. With the economy in its current state, it is the most unfair bracket and it frustrates many people that I know, including myself.  However, it had been set up this way long before President Obama took office.

The fact of the matter is that we are fed false or doctored information far too much and, as a consequence, people do not really understand how the political process and how our government works. They just run on pure emotion. The powers that be know that and, in many cases, have heavily facilitated it. They take full advantage of this, all of the time, every second of every day.

In reality, our biggest problems are structural. Our entire government needs retooling. We need serious campaign finance reform, we need to stop lobbyists, make room for more parties, reevaluate our foreign policy and countless other things that have been problems (some purposely done, some accidental) since well before the President took office.

My family has been screwed by the government, business and unfair policies/laws/practices just like far too many other families have. Yet, using your rationale, I should blame the President for the death of my father and the financial peril that came to my family through years of him being sick? That is ridiculous. The policies and processes that screwed my family over were in place far before President Obama or even President Bush were elected.

Our current President is a good one overall, in my opinion. I wish he had a bit more of an aggressive nature. Also, his continual flirtations with our 1st Amendment rights and ties to big business are concerns, but they are nothing compared to the blatant, traitorous decisions made by the wealthiest businesses and some of the wealthiest people in our country.

You want to be pissed at something or someone? Blame big business, some of the wealthy, lobbyists and corrupted politicians. It is hilarious to me that people do not see that business IS our government. It runs our government. Any President today would have far less power because of this. You want to point fingers? Point them at Goldman-Sachs, Chase, Wall Street, B of A, oil companies, GE and countless other corporations and financial entities that have caused the vast majority of our current problems.


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