‘Reporter’s Privilege’ Under Fire From Obama Administration Amid Broader War On Leaks

The press never has been “free.” Does someone own each media outlet? Most of them. Do the people that own those outlets use “journalistic integrity?” Do they choose people over profits? Of course not…and they shouldn’t be put into the position to have to choose. Now, in our dream world, this is where gov’t is supposed to step in and regulate on behalf of its citizenry. We all know that doesn’t happen. Why? Who owns/controls the media again? Oh, yeah. The same folks who control our government.

There are several reasons for the loss of any sembalance of integrity in American media. The “most free” media/press can be found on the Internet and that’s not entirely “free.” Even though most “journalists” are a joke these days, if the few decent ones out there aren’t able to effectively do their job, we lose even more freedom. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but if a reporter witnesses a crime, “Reporters Privilege” is thrown out the window, right?

That said, I don’t agree with the President on this one. While I still support him, he isn’t doing himself any favors by, yet again, showing that he’s somewhat flexible on the 1st Amendment and WAY too close to big business. How many of his cabinet previously worked for Goldman-Sachs? These kind of decisions simply add fuel for those on the “Obama and Romney aren’t as different as you are being led to believe” crew.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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