5 Voting Laws That Make People Angry

I’m not sure which country some of these people think they live in. I’m an American. I’ve heard other Americans say, “no one in a position of authority wants to restrict someone’s right to vote.” Really? Then why are many of our politicians trying like hell to make it difficult to vote for the poor, working poor, elderly and minorities? That’s plain fact. These are the same folks who push their pro-life, pro-war, anti-environment, pro-business agenda. If you agree with these strategies/policies, you are on the wrong side of history and, quite frankly, voting against your best interests.

There are people aggressively trying to take away rights that have already been established. Doing that is unacceptable in the minds of quite a large number of American citizens, including myself. We have to stand up to this bullying and idiocy. I’m of the opinion that people turning a blind eye, or trying too hard to “play nice,” are parts of the reason we’re in many of the situations we currently find ourselves in.

Time to play hardball, people. Easiest way to do that? Stand up for what you know is right, especially when someone tries to convince you that it isn’t.
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