For “Those” Ladies….

There is a war being perpetrated against you, Ladies. The fact that some of you are blind and refuse to believe it means that elements of it are working. Perhaps there are still some of you that feel you need to be “told” by a man what you should do. I can’t believe you still exist, but since it’s obvious that you do…

The law should not dictate to a woman what she can/can’t do with her body. No one wants/wishes for abortions, but I’d much rather they be safe and legal for those that need them. I find it funny that people think you can just remove politics from a debate or conversation. They exist within everything, not just our gov’t. Remember, that pesky old 1st Amendment that allows us freedom of speech? Yep, that’s right. You can stand up to those lame men who constantly try to hold you down. It’s your choice! 

For example, if you don’t want agree with someone’s politics, there are a variety of ways for you to “stand up” to that. However, the time for keeping your head in the sand has passed long ago. Pull your head out and see what’s going on around you, ladies. There are people trying to take away your rights. They are called Republicans. How some of you can still self-identify as one of them is beyond me. It is amazing to see that some of you feel it’s appropriate to take away your own rights while supporting people that don’t want you to have them.

Please wake up. The majority of us need your help right now to make sure we keep the equal rights that so many brave men and women died for you to have.


2 thoughts on “For “Those” Ladies….

  1. Michael Schuett says:

    The woman’s individual rights should be paramount to to the point where those rights infringe on the rights, or life of another. The real question on abortion is and always should have been, when does life begin? Only a lier or an idiot says life begins at birth following a nine month pregnancy. Saying a fully developed crying, wiggling baby just emerging from his mothers birth canal is a life and deserving of protection but that 60 seconds ago it wasn’t a life deserving of protection is offensive to the senses. So since life clearly begins before birth SOME restrictions on abortion should be in place.
    And claiming there is a war on women is silly to the infinite degree. Nobody (no one serious or in position of authority anyway), anywhere anyplace wants to restrict a woman’s right to contraception. So quit with the stirring up of anger. Thanks. 🙂

    • holler1012 says:

      I’m not sure which country you live in, Michael, but I’m an American. You say, “no one in a position of authority wants to restrict a woman’s right to contraception.” While that may not be their primary reason for pushing these idiotic laws, many of our politicians across the country are sure as hell trying to make it difficult for women to obtain contraception. That’s plain fact. Also, it seems that the range of opinions on “When does life begin” goes from conception to around 3 months pregnant. I fully understand that life begins before birth. There are two main points regarding this issue that need to be addressed. The first is the question you brought up. When does life begin? The other question is, “Should peoples’ religious views be incorporated into our laws?” With this issue, you really can’t view one question without addressing the other. Now, I’ll agree that calling it a “war on women” is a little much. I was clearly a bit fired up that day. However, there is clearly one party that does not view women as equals. They are the same folks who push their pro-life, pro-war, anti-environment, pro-business agenda. If you agree with that, you are on the wrong side of history. There are people trying to take away rights that have already been established due, in large part, to their religious beliefs. That is unacceptable in the minds of quite a large number of American citizens. As far as my “stirring up anger.” Sorry if that seems misguided to you, but I’m of the opinion that people turning a blind eye, or trying to “play nice,” are parts of the reason we’re in many of the situations we currently find ourselves in.

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