Deaf Student ‘Speechless’ After Obama Responds To Him In Sign Language

We can’t agree that this was simply a nice gesture from a classy guy? So, some of you wouldn’t want our President to act this way? Huh? It’s amazing that people will reach far and wide to come up with the most ludicrous conspiracy theories, but, God forbid they give any sembalance of credit to OUR leadership that WE voted in. This divisiveness is ridiculous. What are we? Crips and Bloods? These labels are going to ruin us if we don’t get over ourselves and realize what’s being done to all of us.

Can’t we just admit that our President was classy in this instance? Why do people insist on dividing rather than uniting? Tell me which party you think provides the best opportunity for unity, equality and human rights? It certainly isn’t the crew that whined like middle schoolers and literally punished the American public simply because they lost to someone infinitely cooler and more appropriate for the job than anyone they could put out there.

Republican leadership has literally done NOTHING because their one and only job for the past nearly-four years has been to prevent EVERYTHING that may make President Obama’s job easier or that would give him any sort of positive credit.

If you agree with that strategy, fine. But be prepared to be treated like middle schoolers because that’s what you’re asking for. For starters, I’d like you to write on a chalkboard 500 times, “It’s not polite to point and fight.” 🙂
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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