True Power

While I am most certainly guilty of being an eternal optimist, that doesn’t mean that I’m unrealistic. Most intelligent people can see a variety of trends, paths and directions that could potentially take place. Some are negative, some are positive. I tend to gravitate towards choosing to promote the path that I feel helps people and puts us in a better place. This thought brought up a revelation that I’ve had several times before, but always forget to articulate. Not this time, though.

The wool has been pulled over our eyes for at least the last 35 years. We have been purposely distracted, divided and dumbed down while the rich got more wealthy and the rest of us stayed status quo. This mainly helped the largest businesses and the wealthiest among us. Of course, this continues today, but people are far more aware of what has gone on than they ever had been before. Why is that? 

While they were busy trying to trick us “common folk,” we were taking advantage of the Internet. At first, I’m not sure any of us knew that was what we were doing. Over time, we have enhanced communication, idea sharing and the transferring of information. Socially, the Internet has allowed us to appreciate other perspectives, cultures, interests and has brought us closer together. Perhaps best of all, we are all LEARNING at an incredibly fast pace.

Ever truly broke bread with an intelligent 19-year-old today? They are quite impressive. How about your little ones? Notice the things they can do at earlier and earlier ages? How about the incredible amount of people across the world who now can wade through and easily decide which facts are truth, propaganda, slanted information or some combination thereof? The examples of empowerment are endless.

I recognize that there are many forces that are aggressively trying to stop this. I also recognize that many people who use the Internet do not have the foggiest idea about what they are doing. They are not the majority. Do not let yourself become distracted by these people. A significant chunk of them are working for the people trying to hold us down anyhow. The others? We don’t really need to concern ourselves with them. Focus on the math. More people understand these grand concepts than ever before. This is an amazing occurrence.

Now, the “powers that be” are the ones scrambling; not us. They’re trying to pass laws about an industry and a technology that most of them know minimal amounts (if not, nothing) about. They have no idea how to take advantage of a system that many 10-year-olds can thrive in. These 35 years have disconnected us too much from Washington D.C., but there have been some benefits to us as a result. Sure, they were being sneaky behind our backs. But, in a way, so were we!  

Meanwhile, we’re more aligned than ever before. Really. Every day, more and more lightbulbs are turning on. Seriously. I know many try to make it seem as if we aren’t growing, becoming more aware, accepting, etc., but we are….and we’re just getting started. In fact, we are just starting to comprehend our collective power. Once we fully understand and harness it, changes will begin happening rapidly.

Many say this has already started. I’m inclined to agree with them. Just look around. Make sure to take those negative lenses off first, though. Just like many of you, I could have written this blog, but painted this situation as horribly negative instead of optimistic. Know who else can and does do that? Every politician, reporter, pundit, writer, business person, etc.  Most of us are savvy to this and that is a great thing!

Do not let anyone tell you different: We have the true power. Not them. Why else would they be scrambling so severely? Why else would the rhetoric be at the ridiculous level it is? Why would some try so hard to repress our voting rights? Why does it seem like it is much worse than it actually is? I have only one thing to say about them being scared: GOOD. They deserve to be.


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