Grains of Salt

We are not as divided as many want you to think we are. When you listen to the State of the Union and the GOP response tonight, remember a few things:

1) Try to put aside your assumptions and take a listen to who is truly being more divisive.

2) The overwhelming majority of our politicians play on the ‘big biz’ team and not the “American public” team. Regardless of who becomes President, the true “powers that be” will, unfortunately, be a-ok. You’re not likely to hear any real, concrete solutions for our biggest problem.

3) Focus on how the President and the GOP response navigates around the “money in politics” problem in their speeches.

4) Read between those lines. Pay attention to how they use and choose the words they are saying. Every aspect of what they are all doing is calculated to the nth degree, been written and re-written a million times and has had many people sign off on it…and those are just the folks we know about.

5) Finally, don’t be discouraged or upset. Yeah, I know it’s hard not to get that way. We can solve the problems in our country, though. In fact, a big secret is that many laws and Amendments have already been written to combat these issues. Some have even passed through a part of Congress! The “fakeness,” “theatre,” and corruption that is our political process is a game that has gone on for some time. Only in recent years have a large number of average Americans truly become aware of what is really going on. It has increased frustration (wouldn’t you be pissed if you found out you had been bamboozeled for 10, 20, 30 years or more?) Even though it doesn’t feel like it, especially when your lighbulb initally turns on, this is a GREAT development. 

6) We can funnel all this anger in a positive direction. In fact, this has started to happen without the help of any of our politicians or parties. Awareness, learning and togetherness are what is going to fix our world…and many will stop at nothing to prevent that from happening. The best way to fight back? Learn and don’t give in to fear and divisive tactics. They are unnatural and meant to harm. You know that is true because you can feel it in your bones when you hear, see or experience it.


One thought on “Grains of Salt

  1. sheilaburke says:

    I let out a wee silent little *groan* when I saw this would be a political post. I’m trying my very harddddddddddest to NOT let myself get involved in a political discussion this year. So far I’m doing okay and batting around 600. lol. But I liked this, this was really good. I think it’s SO important for people to inform themselves properly before #1 they vote and #2 they discuss “issues”. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I’ve tried to explain to otherwise rational people that, “no, we are NOT going to have death squads at age 77” yet, they continue to believe it. So frustrating.

    FINALLY I believe we are beginning to awaken as a country . A country who’s people are finally SICK AND TIRED of the same old crap we’ve been dealt. Many more are vocalizing their feelings. I think by the 2016 election, we might see a tiny change. But I think it’ll take that long to get it REALLY started. Many more people need to feel the bottom before they feel like they are sinking… to be able to rise up. When they do, I’ll be down there holding my breath. lol.

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