Saudi Women To Vote Without Male Approval

Yeah, yeah,’s a step in the right direction. It’s stories like these that remind me that I am most certainly my West Coast liberal feminist mother’s son. I simply see the word “allowed” and feel compelled to smack every one of those old, sexist pieces of garbage that have held women down for far too long. Actually, I’d rather my mom do the smacking. That would be awesome…­and much more appropriat­e. I can see it now: “What did you say, Mr. Saudi king? I can’t hear you through the sound of your jaw cracking after I broke it. Guess women are a little stronger than you thought, eh?”

These human rights violations have been “allowed” to go for far too long. I know they are the minority, but I can’t believe there are people who think religion and spirituality of any faith/belief would ever condone bastardizing entire groups of people, being more judgmental than anyone else, continuall­y violating humans’ rights and, most important of all, preventing them from reaching their true potential. It’s incredible that people allow themselves to do subscribe to this. They even convince themselves it’s good for them and thank their oppressors for doing so! It’s incredibly dishearten­ing. Aren’t we supposed to try and love one another and see each other as equals? (Yes, I know there’s a million obvious reasons to sigh…but­, it’s true, isn’t it?)

Thank goodness there are more people “awake” now than ever before. Lots of work to do, though.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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