Fox vs. MSNBC (You’re still falling for this?)

I find it interesting that anyone would claim that either of these channels have any sembalance of journalistic eithics whatsoever. It’s all about making money and gathering viewers. PERIOD. If these so-called ‘journalists‘ were true journalists, they wouldn’t be so polarizing. Ethically and morally, telling the truth as best you can is the responsible way to be (and how you’re trained to be as a journalist), but we all know that was thrown out the door quite a while ago. It’s divide, conquer and do what you need to pull in those ratings…just like it always has been. It just allowed to be more blatantly obvious now.

All the finger pointing isn’t really helping either. That’s what they want you to do…regardless of which side of the aisle you fall on. Speaking of which, aren’t you tiring of all the ‘us vs. them’ stuff? It’s ridiculous. As if there are only two sides to a story? Most of us are a mix of many beliefs, attitudes, concerns, etc. They try to simplify it so that we’ll argue and fight with one another instead of focusing on who’s really pulling the strings. Those people with the real stroke don’t see red, blue, Dem, GOP, lib or conservative. They only see green. So, if the point of your argument is to say that there is bias in every cable news channel? I agree.

However, if you’re buying into another “Libs bad/Cons good” or “Dems good/GOP bad” situation, you’re falling for the biggest trap there is…and you’re wrong. No one’s worse or better and we’re all Americans who bleed the same. Come together, not apart.


3 thoughts on “Fox vs. MSNBC (You’re still falling for this?)

  1. S. Griffith says:

    Pretty well said. When I watch the news, I watch Fox, but I lean conservative/libertarian. I get most of my news by scouring the internet and studying history. I’m unsure that MSNBC goes for ratings because their ratings are low. They seem more ideological driven than Fox, but I’m probably being biased. I think the biggest thing that will bring people together is better education. The key to better education is creating competition amongst schools and allowing freedom of choice in education.

    • holler1012 says:

      I couldn’t agree more about education being a key to enlightenment. I’ve got a feeling we may disagree about how best to do that, but it’s good to hear that perspective. Although, I couldn’t disagree more about MSNBC being more ideological than Fox. Fox = GOP. MSNBC = Liberal. At least some of the folks on MSNBC understand what journalism is. There is a difference and, if I was going to vote on which one was “more biased,” my vote would go to Fox, hands down. Of course, this is not the point. The point is that they are all ideologically driven…but not by party or what’s right for the American people, but by the quest for money and power.

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