Awesome #1

The first episode of “Awesome” is in the bag! I finally made my talk show debut, last Wednesday on Blog Talk Radio. If you missed it, here’s the link:

We are going with 30 minutes at first and will be building up over time. Interviews, live callers, more emphasis on social media networks, specialized segments and, yes, even promoting and commercials will be filling up our time as we expand. For now, though? It’s just me running my mouth for a half hour. The topics of the first show were the Occupy Wall Street movement and personal empowerment (aka: awesomeness!). Two important topics that I was happy to speak about.

This blog will serve as mental rundown for me and, hopefully, be somewhat entertaining and informative for you. It’s funny. I spoke about meta-cognition during the show. That is what I am attempting to do with my blog. Think about what I did, how I did it, improvement areas, strengths, etc. and evaluate by (you guessed it!) running my mouth some more. You are noticing a theme, aren’t you?

I will try to resist being too hard on myself. I could talk about the fact that I said more ‘um’s’ and ‘you know’s than I would have liked to. Or, I could speak about the fact that we were unable to get the studio microphone working, so I had to use the internal mic from my MacBook Pro. That is why you could hear me clear my throat or take a drink. My notes could have been more organized….blah, blah, blah. All of those things will be ironed out as time goes on. Plus, they are super boring to talk about. I can’t believe I squeaked a paragraph out of it.

On to more inspiring aspects. Truthfully, this first show was, in some ways, the culmination of a plan that was realistically hatched over a year ago. While I recognize that there is a long, long way to go before I catch the eye of a company or acquire enough fans, advertisers and revenue streams to make this a full-time gig, I also need to stop and remember how far I have come. When I do think about it, one thought always comes to mind: ‘It’s no surprise that everyone can’t do this…it’s hard!”

The “hard” part is not doing the show. It’s not even creating the show, building your fan base or promoting the show. Doing, creating and promoting the show is fun. The people who are working with you on that have already bought in. It is interesting to see how the other people you are closest to react, though. Some avoid, some have problems with what you are doing, but can’t talk to you about it, others are super supportive. Then, there are the new people you have met because you are trying to make yourself known. Most of them are awesome, but some are interesting, or very aggressive and a lot of people out there will try to take advantage of you.

This is just the beginning! I am not even close to my ultimate goal and I’m already experiencing some of these things. Like I said, it’s no surprise that more people do not put themselves out there. It is tough! While it is tough, the support, positive attention, personal growth and adrenaline rushes make it all worth it. Plus, if I am going to talk about being positive and believing in yourself, I better put my money where my mouth is!

I really enjoyed the first show. I felt so excited after it ended! Of course, my next thoughts were, ‘how can we improve,’ ‘I wish I did this everyday,’ ‘More time is needed,’ ‘When we incorporate video, we’ll really be getting somewhere,’ and, finally, ‘Holy s*&%! I’m a talk show host!’ Needless to say, you’ll be hearing a bit more from me as time goes on.

The second episode of ‘Awesome!’ will be next Wednesday at 8 pm, PST. I would love if you decided to check it out! Have a great one, everybody, and remember: You’re awesome!


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