U.S. Poverty Rate Climbed To 15.1 Percent Last Year, Total Number Hit All-Time Record

Great. All of you politicans and pundits have another stat that you can manipulate to make it sound like you care about the country when all you care about is lining your pockets. And you idiots who support them are doing the dirty work once again. Have you seen the ignorant commentary on this thread alone?

Meanwhile, people are dying. People go without health care because it costs too much. Children are dying of starvation and lack of care. And there are people who choose to blame those same people for our economical problems? You folks have got your priorities messed up. Do your math! Who sucks up more of our resources and literally steals more? People on welfare and/or unemployme­nt or CEO’s, the military and poor government­al management­/organizat­ion?

Should the wealthiest nation in the world have this kind of poverty? Absolutely not. You people who are too excited for your opportunit­y to bash poor people once again are working my last nerve. It’s traitorous­, un-America­n, insensitve­, pathetic and, bottom line, it just makes you look like complete assholes.

Keep this nonsense up and you’ll see. Trust me. Your best call right now is to look real hard in the mirror and come to grips with what you are and try to fix it. If you don’t, it will be fixed for you…and it won’t be pleasant. How do people with nothing to lose react when backed into corners? Are you sure you want that? Really?
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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