Obama Aide Discusses 2012 Campaign Strategy

Ever think about the fact that if we assume it’s going to be gloomy, negative, hopeless, etc. that it actually will be? I find it incredibly ironic that the people who hyperfixat­e on the negative are also the first ones trying to convince you that they are doing it for the betterment of the country. Really? Constantly reminding us how horrible a spot we’re in is a good thing? I know it’s hard to focus on positives and solutions in the midst of insane hypocrisy, blatant lies and political gamesmensh­ip…but, it must be done.

This country needs a big-time paradigm shift in thinking. Forget about all the divisivenes­s. It’s there to frustrate, confuse and make you feel hopeless. Know what? It’s working. It’s amazing to me how much finger pointing I see coming from everyone. “If it wasn’t for Bush stealing the election,” “If Obama had some guts,” “Reagan and his cronies started all this,” blah, blah, frickin’ blah. Even if all of this is entirely true (I’m not saying it isn’t)…w­hat now?

If we keep focusing on what’s wrong and trying to blame everything on everyone else, we’re all going to get what we’re apparently asking for: Chaos, hurt, frustratio­n and violence. If we focus on solutions and try to remain patient, things can get better. Yeah, I know that many think that positivity and truth doesn’t/ca­n’t sell. I say that just depends on how you spin it…and it can be spun.
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One thought on “Obama Aide Discusses 2012 Campaign Strategy

  1. Tera Hale says:

    Negative modes are contagious. Contagion. Be careful! Wow. That was a negative warning. See. Certain types of people will always be interested in a game of bubble busting. If everyone were more positive within their day to day… sure we would be better earthlings… but wouldn’t it be boring? No need for positive talks… no demand for the ‘look at the brightside’ or Life is Good. 🙂 Debbie Downer wouldn’t be nearly as funny. I get tired of America but ironically enough, I find it easier to blame plain ol’ people instead of politicians. Positive thought is contagious as well but too much of the Yay is just sappy. Shouldn’t we (as a nation) be trying to progress? The negative people should be lined up with the mean people and shot. Oh happy day. 🙂

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