Mitch McConnell Offers New Strategy In Debt Debate: Blame President Obama (UPDATE)

The President’­s fault? Really? I understand that many Republican­s out there are wired to fall in line, no matter how ridiculous the leadership of your party is being, but are you proud? Are you proud to be part of a party who has only had one major contributi­on for the last three years: To deny everyone everything and stall every piece of legislatio­n? Really? Are you proud to be in a party that holds the American people hostage simply to cowtow to the most ludicrious fringe element in the history of our country (yeah, that’s you tea partiers)? Really? You really think Bohner, McConnell and Cantor have a better grip on what’s best for the American public?

How anyone can stand behind a party that puts corporatio­ns, the wealthy and white males before everyone else is beyond me, though. How can someone compare President Obama to, say, Michelle Bachmann, and think, “Yeah, Bachmann really knows her stuff. She’s a much better fit for the country than our President?­” SERIOUSLY?

The only mistake the President made in this case was not being tougher on the GOP earlier. I’m pretty confident he could smack Cantor right in the mouth during a live press conference and his ratings would rise 20%.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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