Misplaced Anger

A jury apparently believed there was enough reasonable doubt to find Casey Anthony innocent of the murder of her young daughter, Caylee. I thought she would be sentenced to death too. I’m not happy, sad or angry about it, though. A little girl died and is not coming back regardless of her mother’s guilt or innocence. Throw in this pathetic obsession our country has for trials like these and it’s clear this isn’t any kind of win at all; it’s a lose-lose-lose-lose-lose.

Most justice systems are primarily based on common or civil law. There are also many hybrids used around the world. Ours is generally regarded as one of the best, but not necessarily THE best. I’m sure you’d agree that our justice system has its flaws. Like many of our processes in the US, money has really infected it to a negative degree. Ultimately, I have to respect the verdict, whether I agree with it or not. Remember, the only people besides Casey Anthony who know almost as much about what actually happened are the jurors…and they thought there was enough reasonable doubt to let her go.

The amount of anger that people are displaying over this verdict is exactly why: a) she was found not guilty; b) our media and justice systems need some big-time fixing; and c) people need to look in the mirror and truly figure out where that level of anger is coming from. There have been (and are) FAR greater injustices being perpetrated on the American public.

Trust me, Casey Anthony is going to have to deal with this everyday of the rest of her life. Even if she’s innocent (and apparently there’s a chance she is, right?), she’ll never live this down. Sure, she might be able to make some decent money out of the deal, but I assure you that none of us would like to switch places with her, even with the non-guilty verdict. Can you imagine the next time that girl tries to date? Get a job? Meet someone new?

There is no winner in this case. There never will be. If she got sentenced to death, would that really have been better? No…just easier to take, right?


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