This is a response to someone who’s pro-Bernie Sanders and very anti-Obama, who claimed that I should never even think to compare anything about the two:

First of all, Bernie Sanders himself would disagree with you. Secondly, “Obama’s a sellout…without a drop of integrity?” That’s a bit harsh, don’t you think? If you truly believe that Obama lacks more integrity than, say, Bachmann, Romney or Gingrich, you don’t live on my planet. You’re every bit as delusional as all those other GOP candidates that, since you claim to support Bernie Sanders, you must rail so hard against (like me, btw).

People like you really frustrate me. You do nothing but hurt the system like a Tea Partier does, but the big difference is you believe in most of the same things as I do! A vote for any other candidate in 2012 besides Obama IS a vote for the GOP, not whatever fringe candidate you’ll end up supporting.

So, regardless of how much you believe President Obama has done wrong (and I’m with you to an extent, really…I’ve criticized him plenty), the alternative is so much worse. You know who’d agree with me on that? Bernie Sanders.


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