Dan Pfeiffer, White House Communications Director, Goes On Defensive In Progressive Lion’s Den

Not sure what annoys me more. People on the left and far left not being represente­d by ANYONE (well, a few) in either party, that there are only two parties or people who think like I do potentiall­y ruining everything because they don’t like that President Obama didn’t do every single thing in the world in four years.

An insanely large portion of the country is not truly represente­d by either party. Like several have said, we have slightly right and far right….t­hat’s it. I would love to see a viable presidenti­al candidate that more closely reflected my views, but that is certainly not going to happen by 2012. Therefore, it comes down to what’s best for the country, given my limited choices. But if you think that any of the GOP candidates would be a better fit than President Obama, you are misguided and certainly no kind of progressiv­e that I would want any part of.

It takes a LONG time for real change to happen. Everyone really needs to calm down and examine the big picture here. It wasn’t GOP manipulati­on that caused Tea Partiers to get elected in 2010. It’s YOUR fault for spending too much time arguing with one another, then sitting on your asses and whining about everything­. Let’s not repeat our mistakes. If the left could truly come together, we could have some major, real change. Soon.
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