A Case For Awesomeness

And you know this!

 When I’m sad, I just stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story!”
     If you take this quote literally, someone who was, say a counselor or social worker, might take offense to the fact that you aren’t dealing with and/or processing whatever made you sad. I don’t necessarily see it that way. Of course it’s important to resolve your issues, especially if you find yourself sad often or if something extremely dramatic happened to you. The only way to truly get through that is by addressing with and dealing with it.
     To me, this quote reminds me to try to see that silver lining, especially when things are rough. It also reminds me to not be negative. Enough negative/sad/difficult things are going to happen to you in your life. Those issues are hard enough to deal with without bringing on more, which you do have some control over. The sadness goes away only after you’ve handled it properly. Sometimes, fixing that is as simple as reminding yourself. Seriously. When you look in the mirror, just look straight into your own eyes and tell yourself you’re awesome! 
     On other occasions, unfortunately, it’s a much more serious problem. The important part is that you are ultimately trying to make the sadness go away without ignoring how it’s made you feel/changed you/etc. You are awesome, faults and all. It takes a lot of awesomeness to handle a problem that has plagued you. That’s tough business. It takes a very strong person to overcome obstacles in the proper fashion. Just remember: Fixing your problems the right way? That’s awesome too.

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