The Blame Game

I understand why some strategically point the finger at those less fortunate as the root of our problems. For instance, if you want everything privatized, you must paint government entitlements as negative and the people who use them as undeserving. Smart strategy, actually. As most of you will notice, it’s been working fabulously since the 80’s. Many of us can chalk this up to “politics” and take it with a grain (or vat) of salt.

Then again, this systematic attack on the poor and working class has had some severe real-world applications. I used to think pointing out that people dying as a result would be enough to make people think twice. Apparently not. I also thought that showing people simple math would alleviate some of the tension. Wrong again. I’ll never give up the fight, but how to break through to certain people and “turn those lightbulbs on” is most certainly a difficult question.

Look at Wisconsin. A governor decides to get rid of collective bargaining (which does infringe on people’s’ right to assemble…but, that’s just the pesky 1st Amendment). That would be bad enough, but, to make matters worse, there are all these people (poor and working class) whom were duped into supporting him! All of a sudden, teachers and other public servants are painted as greedy, undeserving and taking advantage of the system? Taking advantage of the system? Really? I think it takes a lot of nerve to talk about anyone taking advantage of “the system” if you are wealthy.

Part of the reason those people acquired wealth is because they learned how to take advantage of the system and had the money to play the game. I don’t blame them for doing it. I would have done the same in their place. But, not admitting it, lying, hurting families and flat-out letting people die to make more money? Unacceptable and un-American.

If you want to blame someone or something, blame the government officials responsible for allowing these things to happen. Blame the processes that were put in place or deregulation of certain industries. But, blaming those whom are struggling? Pathetic, in my estimation. The only thing worse than the people who perpetuate and create this propaganda are the people who buy into it.

It just baffles me when people choose to blame those less fortunate for our problems. Even if half the people on welfare or unemployment were taking advantage of the system, the amount of that money would be nothing in comparison to the heists that many of our government officials and big businesses have pulled off. People really should do their math instead of blaming those whom are needy, the amount we give to other countries, etc. The system is broken, but it’s not as difficult to fix as some would lead you to believe. Why would they want the confusion? To keep picking our pockets, of course.


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