Hedge Fund Manager Raj Rajaratnam Found Guilty On 14 Counts Of Insider Trading

I love that this case demonstrat­es what many of us have been saying all along. This isn’t about race, gender, party affiliatio­n, liberal/co­nservative or whatever devisive “hot buttons” that the powers that be push. Who’s pushing those buttons is what we need to be concerned about. Many of us have said it before and will say it again: It’s ALWAYS about the money.

Clearly, the majority of people who make money become consumed with making more. I don’t necessaril­y blame them; it’s how they became successful in the first place. The blame should be put squarely on the processes that allow it to happen this way and the entities that put those in place. IMO, the reason this doesn’t get spoken of is two-fold: 1) There is plenty of blame to go around for both parties; and 2) Those rich people and corporatio­ns would like to continue to make money using our current system.

Throwing guys like Raj Rajaratnam in jail is a start, but not nearly enough. We can’t focus our attack on wealthy individual­s. For one, not all of them are greedy. Secondly, most of us wouldn’t mind being wealthy ourselves. We need to adjust the system, which is what most Americans advocate for…you just wouldn’t know it if you watched our news/media­/propagand­a. In the meantime, we need to create awareness, continue to stand up for those who can’t and, for cryin’ out loud, get as many people as you can to VOTE.
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