This is all a facade. You know that right? Remember how the gov’t was almost “shutdown?” Yeah, me neither. In some ways, I wish they really would have shut down everything (and I mean, EVERYTHING­) that the federal gov’t has involvemen­t in. Things would start moving rapidly once those members of Congress stopped getting paid.

Of course, we know that when this “shutdown” would have happened, they still would have been paid…but soliders’ salaries and our tax returns were quick to go put on the chopping block, weren’t they? Meanwhile, Darryl Issa gets to keep getting his paychecks for his $145,000/y­ear job (PS: He doesn’t need the money). The people really pulling the strings are happier than a birther at a KKK rally.

Can all this nonsense be done so that we can finally take over? We’re ready to put all of you on our backs, not the other way around. In fact, many of us would appreciate­ it if you just stepped aside and let us have our chance to run the show. Yes, I mean now. While some of you assume I do, I never had a mommy and daddy who could afford to give me anything, especially money.

So, as my father lays dying in a hospital bed because he decided to sacrifice for this country, I’ll try to figure out where my silver spoon went. People my age are still waiting…­you’ve already had your chance. We have to work together, I’m just saying that we’re more than happy to take that weight off your shoulders. Today.

We were continuous­ly told by our elders that we were going to work for “something­,” not nothing. I find it funny that I know no one around my age that has a “what about me?” attitude. Yet, there’s that stereotype blaring in my ears again. There is a fair amount of complainin­g from us, but we’ve also become scapegoats.

We’re going to help you whether you like or acknowledge it, but it would be a lot easier if you assisted us in starting that transition instead of holding on to a past that doesn’t exist any longer.


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