Got Optimism?

You can’t do anything right. You can’t. Oh, and you damn sure can’t please everyone. No way. Look at our President. One side blasts him for everything because he’ll never believe the way they do. The other side agrees with him for the most part, but blasts him for not doing enough. That’s an obvious example, though. How about public workers? Here’s 100 different initiatives that you must learn and we’re going to cut your salary and increase your hours. Oh, you’d like to protest against that? Here’s your pink slip!

Now, I’ll admit that when you put yourself “out there,” you leave yourself open to more scrutiny than your average person. Rightfully so. Therefore, anyone who speaks out often generally does so in one of two ways. The first (and most effective, apparently) is to scream, yell and say as many inflammatory, negative and destructive things until you get your way….and if it takes too long, bash down the door and take it anyways. 

The second way is to critique positively using humor, commentary, honesty and, yes (gasp!), optimism. Unfortunately, this option leaves you wide open to getting bashed by folks who use the first method. Since people using the first method become scared shitless of people who use the second, those negative folks save their best venom for their “evil, optimistic” counterparts.

When did optimism become a bad word? When did trying to see the good in things make you naive? Isn’t that how we’re supposed to deal with adversity? Try to find positives, rely on those who love/support you, readjust goals and pursue them, right? Today, this is not as popular of a method as throwing everyone under the bus and blaming everyone but yourself. Oh, and never, ever, admit you were wrong. Seriously? What kind of crap is this?

I don’t know about you other optimists out there, but I certainly am not one with his head stuck in the clouds. When I see negativity and wrongdoing, I call it out. Sometimes I even cut deep and I’m certainly not adverse to a “spirited” debate (aka: calling each other pieces of garbage and the like). Ultimately, though, I always try to find common ground. Know what? I always find it. Always.

There’s the rub, right? Whenever you look for that silver lining, you tend to find it and it helps. Therefore, it’s a personal choice. You can choose to lean towards the negative or you can choose to lean towards the positive. Ever notice how ugly someone gets, inside and out, when they are ultra-negative all the time? You are not seeing things. That stress and negativity affects them. For real.

Therefore, I’m sticking to my instincts. While I can get a bit salty, I generally blend in well and taste very good. I also apologize for my mistakes and am willing to admit when someone taught me something and/or was more correct than I was. Getting humbled is not a bad thing unless you can’t admit that someone humbled you. Or, as I’ve heard many older gentlemen say: “That person just needs a good ass kicking.” I’m confident that all this negativity is going to get its ass kicked soon…by optimists.


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