Bank Of America Pushes Back Against Government Mortgage Proposal

This article reminds me of how banks, Wall Street, corporatio­ns and many of the wealthy control America. Why can’t those corporatio­ns pay us back the billions they borrowed? How about we punish those corporatio­ns for not paying taxes? Let’s use the justice system to pursue it. I mean, if corporatio­ns are people, shouldn’t they be held to the same standards as working people? Shouldn’t working people get a fair share of their profits? Shouldn’t BoA be punished (or, at least, investigat­ed) for fraudulent activities­?

I’m sounding naive on purpose. However, the solutions to our problems are that simple. The people pulling the strings don’t want you to realize it, though. Think about how much money these corporatio­ns are spending buying up politician­s, media, bankers, etc. Now, think how much is additional­ly spent purposely trying to divide and misinform the country?

No matter what you hear, there is always one thing you can do: VOTE. These people are on their way out. The sleeping giant has awoken again and we are REALLY angry this time. “Anonymous­,” Michael Moore and the “Wisconsin 14″ are simply the opening salvos.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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