Sarah Palin Addresses Wisconsin Protesters: You Must Be ‘Willing To Sacrifice’

It feels like Sarah’s on her way out, doesn’t it? To that, all I have to say is: “Na-na-na-­na, na-na-na-n­a, hey, hey, hey, buh-bye!” If people like SP are desperatel­y pleading with “average” folks to stop doing something, you ABSOLUTELY should NOT stop because you are clearly doing something right.

I say we do the ol’ dodge ball trick with Palin, Walker, etc. Throw something high up in the air for them to look at (perhaps money…th­at’s the only thing they really love) and then, while they are looking up at it, take something else (preferabl­y intelligen­ce, reason, fair compromise and patriotism – things they sorely lack) and throw it right in their faces. They’ll never see it coming…a­nd it’ll hurt them the two places they will feel it the most: In their egos and their pocketbook­s.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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