Friends: It Takes All Kinds

It’s beneficial for us to have friends in all facets of our lives. In fact, we are so drawn to having friends that a life goal for nearly everyone is to have a best friend/lover/partner that you can share your life with. Sounds like the greatest friend ever, right? As we all know – it is.

Why do you think we’re willing to get our heart-broken (often, multiple times), yet keep searching again and again? Finding that “person” is an ultimate goal that many will always strive to have or support. While that larger pursuit remains constant, we also have friends of varying levels for a variety of other reasons and needs that are important.

First of all, there are your best friends and family members that you grew up with. A brother, sister, cousin, kid that grew up down the street, friend of the family, etc. You know, those people you could go half a year without seeing and, the second you get together, it’s like you didn’t miss a beat – and you’re 16 again. From that base, you start adding friends. Maybe you went to college, or the military, or traveled around your first few years out of high school. If you are fortunate and all those high school friends and college friends start mixing it up and hanging out together, amazing things start happening.

Folks, it’s these people who are going to take care of you, even when you’re screwed. It’s highly likely you’ll get opportunities to travel, advance your career, start a business and go through countless amazing experiences with these people. Do not take these type of friendships for granted. It is easy to do that as we get older and caught up in ourselves. A great way to avoid doing that is to recognize that you need other types of friends for the other parts of your life. In fact, some of those friends can become friends with your other close friends and it becomes a whole bigger super crew of awesomeness!

One type to consider are your friends from work. Some of whom could turn into a good friend at some point. If not, we’re ok with that too. As long as we are “work friends,” we’ll all get along well and be able to do our jobs more effectively. Excellent!

Then, there’s that great plutonic (but, not really plutonic) friend that would be so great to date, but the timing is never there. That’s an awesome friend, too. Or, the person you would never date exclusively, but is so sexy and hot, that you’ve got to at least be “friends?” Awesome again. That older/younger person who is so great to talk to, but isn’t someone who’s likely to hang out with you socially? Of course that’s cool. You might be learning a ton from that person! Pen pals? Sure! Phone friends? Why not?

We need all types of friendships for all types of reasons. Now that we have the internet and social media, we can take the friendship quest to a whole new level! While I know that there are likely a few of my 2,100 Facebook friends who might not have my best interests in mind, I also know that there are some amazing people I’ve met via social media. In fact, some of them have been so much more than I could have ever imagined. They are definitely people I consider friends.

Remember that it really does take all kinds…and it’s pretty damn cool that it does.


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