The Most Important Free Speech Issue of Our Time

This is exactly the kind of issue that our government tries to sneak by us. It’s the end of the year. Everyone’s distracted by Xmas, family, end of the year stuff, tax cuts, Dems vs. GOP, etc. This is how they work. Distract, then strike.

Senator Franken is correct. This is a HUGE issue. For one, the Internet is the only place where free (or, relatively free) speech actually lives. Of course, huge companies are going to want to take advantage of it. The rest of our media is run by a few companies as is. They want to make the internet that way. Why? Two reasons.

The first is money. It’s always money. Net neutrality will make companies (such as Comcast) a TON of cash. Look at al the examples the Senator Franken provides. That’s just the tip of the iceburg.

The second reason? Limiting our free speech. There are several reasons that companies put the full-court press on limiting our internet capabiliti­es. Not the least of which is that everyone is getting smart to the strategies of “big business.” Thanks to the internet, we’re not as oblivious as we may have been in the past. This is a bad, bad thing for big business..­..and they have the money to strike it down before we all realize it.

I’m hoping this time is different. They have attempted this too late and, hopefully, our government won’t let them get away with it.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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