Mark Madoff Suicide: Bernie Madoff’s Son Found Hanged In NYC Apartment

Your actions have reprecussi­ons. The results can be devastatin­g when your karma comes around. It’s always 10 times worse, isn’t it? The kicker? You brought it on yourself.

Bernie, like many of us, is learning this the hard way…agai­n. People need to realize that their greed produces these kinds of results. It always does, regardless of what you hear. Greed isn’t good. It eats you up inside and harms the people around you.

The lesson to learn is that obvious, isn’t it? The choices you make have real-world consequenc­es. Right? Please tell me that you understand this. What you do does matter. Take a look around you. You brought these problems on yourself..­.now fix them.

Of course, we all feel for the innocent people who’ve had to suffer because of the choices of one person. It’s unfortunat­e that Mark made the choice to take his own life. Just when Bernie thought it couldn’t get worse, it did. Isn’t it always this way? We’ve all been there to some extent. If you ask me, it sure seems like the more severe the crime, the more cruel the karma.

The only positive spin I can see is the one we always harken back to when the worst happens. The rest of the family being able to come together and heal through love and positivity­. Hopefully, their friends and loved ones will rally around them, help them and they can persevere in the most peaceful way possible.
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