John McCain: ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Repeal Study Flawed

A lying, two-faced, flip-flopp­ing politician­? Say it ain’t so, John! Um, when does the statute of limitation­s on being able to punk out McCain end? Yeah, yeah, yeah…he was a POW. I admire what McCain did for our country. Just because the guy served and had to overcome extreme adversity (PS: He’s not the only one) doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to call him out. My dad is lying in a nursing home right now, mainly because of his service to his country. He’s a better person than McCain could ever dream to be and I still call him out on his crap.

Isn’t this America? Equality for all, right? Not equality only for those who have money. These people know better, yet still advocate for policies that don’t adhere to equal rights. Isn’t this a lay up for most of us? You know that around 5% (the upper 5%) of people are running EVERYTHING­, don’t you? Media, business, politics, leaders, etc. are, for the most part, all out of touch. The older and whiter they get, the more idiotic they seem to be. Mr. McCain is simply a poster child for the “out-of-to­uch old white guy crew” that is bitter, scared and complainin­g about societal changes they cannot and will not stop. They successful­ly frightened the baby boomers, but, us? They should be afraid: We’re smarter, bigger, faster, stronger, willing to play hardball and we won’t stop…eve­r.
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