Mitch McConnell Challenges Obama With Bold Speech

Excuse me, Mr. President…but how long are you going to put up with this crap? The time for “taking the gloves off” passed LONG ago. You know the score. You’ve dealt with far worse in your life. Are you going to let McConnell and Boehner get away with this? Sir, your biggest problem isn’t the GOP or tea partiers. It’s everyone else.

Many wish you would put these idiots in their place. Who cares if you come off aggressive? They do that EXACT thing to you. I’m still fairly young, but I can’t believe how much attention the minority party in our country currently gets. Know why? They’re willing to run their mouths and don’t care who it offends. I’m no republican or tea partier, but they sure do know what their doing when it comes to having a unified cause, defending each other and having absolutely NO fear when spouting their ignorant rhetoric.

Time to handle this like they do in the street, sir. We’ve been ready for you and your administration to do that for quite some time now. How many times does the bully have to punch you in the face before you realize that you have to stop him by any means necessary? Instead, they continue to push you around, claim you aren’t American and rile up all the crazies in their base. People are dying due to this. Sir, this is a war…and it’s time to fight back.
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One thought on “Mitch McConnell Challenges Obama With Bold Speech

  1. Landry Corkery says:

    Mitch McConnell has got to be one of the most repulsive personalities in politics. He is the poster boy for obstruction and he has absolutely NO personal appeal. Certainly not a lot of voters will have his back if Obama goes on the offensive!

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