Rick Sanchez And Keith Olbermann Trade Jabs About MSNBC, CNN (VIDEO)

All of this back and forth looks like people who’ve never been in a fight acting like they know how to fight. You know, book nerds acting like they’ve got a pair. I mean, in the grand scheme of things, people care more about the Kardashians, WWE, American Idol and picking their noses than they do Fox News, CNN or MSNBC…combined.

Plus, it’s contrived. It is. It’s like pro wrestling, but not as honest. Fox & MSNBC are natural enemies. The ratings on those stations go up when their hosts take shots at one another. Haven’t you noticed CNN poking its little nose in the fight now? If we follow the money (as we should always remember to do), it all goes to BIG BUSINESS. Every bit of it. They have to make dollars – bottom line.

There is a larger reason that the news media seems so out of touch. People have literally given up on them…in a much more severe way than they will ever let us know. To be honest, they don’t have that many viewers in the first place. They are just all designed to make you think they do. Watch CSPAN or just about any reputable international news organization instead. Or, Kim Kardashian. She’s much more interesting. šŸ™‚
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