John King Criticizes Fox News, MSNBC, White House (VIDEO)

I vote this the worst commentary and segment in the history of CNN. The analysis on this was garbage. They just let that first GOP blowhole run his mouth about how TONS of people watch Fox News? Then the guy next to Gloria Borger backs it up? Are you kidding me? Take a look at the ratings these people are talking about? 0.8? 1.5? 3.0 on a good day, for maybe an hour? Do you know how many people could give a rats’ ass about CNN, MSNBC, Fox News or any kind of news for that matter? Five times more people watch WWE every week!

(PS: Thx, Linda. Now I have to choose between my politics and my pro wrestling. Have you no shame?!)

The OVERWHELMING majority are people who don’t have time nor care for cable news stations. We don’t trust them – or any media, for that matter. Everyone knows all of them have their own corporate agendas. If you were to buy this segment (btw, I generally LOVE John King and Gloria Borger), you would think that most Dems, independents and people were frustrated with the President. Um, did you watch that speech in Wisconsin? You all know that the President is genuinely fired up…and he should be.

Bottom line: I’d rather get my news from entertainment. At least their honest. Today’s news media SUCKS. They are so out of touch, it’s ridiculous…on all sides.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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