Putting Empowerment of Women and Girls on the Human Agenda

Some will say that it’s too ironic that Bill Clinton would be an advocate for womens’ rights. Why is that? Because had a tryst with a certain young lady in the Oval Office? Smart move professionally? Hell, no. On the other hand, does this automatically disqualify him as someone who can be a strong voice for women all over the world? That’s what I thought.

In fact, many strong advocates for women have been less than stellar in their own personal relationships. Hugh Hefner, JFK, nearly every politician…I could go on and on. The bottom line for me? I don’t really care about what these people do in their personal lives. It’s not my place to comment and I’m certainly not innocent in that department myself. What it is my place to comment on are the incredibly disgusting policies that are forced on women all over the world.

I mean, women are actually stoned. They throw rocks at them. Stoned? Are you serious? Oh, and what about various methods of “birth control” (I use that term VERY loosely) utilized all over the world? Unfortunately, I could go on and on. Oh, also remember that it’s not one religion, culture or race of people who are supporting these monstrosities. This idiocy needs to change yesterday. I, for one, am going to keep running my mouth about it until I like what I see…and we’ve got a ways to go.
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