10 Major New Health Reform Benefits Take Effect Today

Shhh…don’t tell anyone, but there are real-world benefits to the health care bill that was passed. Of course, on one side you hear, “When we get back in power, we will abolish these horribly socialistic health care policies. For cryin’ out loud, we’re almost at universal health care…the horror!”

Meanwhile, the other side cries, “This isn’t enough. We should have universal, single-payer, no questions asked!”

The majority of us who are floating around the middle somewhere and are reasonable, caring, intelligent people say, “Take a look. Those are ACTUAL benefits that will help the vast majority of people in this country. This includes you, tea partiers! We love you and are going to help you…even if you try to kill us in the process.” 🙂

What they are really railing against is the inevitable. See, I’m one of those people who is labeled as “progressive” or “super-lefty,” even though, while I’m socially liberal, I’m fiscally a bit more on the conservative side. Sound familiar? It should. We make up the majority of political belief in this country. However, you won’t notice it or hear about it by watching Fox or MSNBC. “Anti-corporate” doesn’t fly with media – period.

What they are now “seeing” and will continue to “see” as November approaches, is that the majority of us are actually going to vote and support the President. For real. You can’t stop progress…you can’t even hope to contain it.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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