Dear Angry American, Joining the Tea Party Is NOT Your Only Option

There are a tremendous amount of people out there who are thinking “outside the box” these days. I’m happy to call myself one of them. As I’ve put myself out there, I’ve discovered there are a lot of people who are willing to do crazy things like using the “honor system,” being “honest,” working together and problem solving. As someone who’s always subscribed to the revolutionary theory of “common sense,” I was happy to find that there were, in fact, more people out there like me than I was led to believe.

Everyone’s angry. We have a right to be. However, you simply can’t give a bully what he wants. They want us to be angry. They love making us argue over meaningless points and semantics when we, for the most part, agree with one another. We need to funnel that anger constructively. I’m excited to report that many of us out there are. The examples that Arianna displayed in her blog are PRECISELY the kind of folks I’m talking about.

Do you notice how it’s getting tense lately? That’s because the election is a little over a month away and it’s not going the way that either party wants. Know why? There are too many unknown variables out there. A few examples of that? The amount of registered independents out there, not knowing how many first-time voters from the Presidential election will vote this November and, my favorite, people helping each other. 🙂
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