Sarah Palin 2012 Presidential Run? ‘I Would Give It A Shot’

As a free-thinking, open minded, REAL American, I can’t tell you how excited I am for Sarah Palin to run for President. In fact, I hope the Tea Partiers keep getting as much press attention as they can. Seriously. Ever stop to think about why they get such coverage in the first place? I’m convinced that more people are thinking just like me: Let them show themselves for who they are. The American public will be forced to see how idiotic their policies/viewpoints are.

Honestly, it couldn’t be setting up more wonderfully for President Obama. Part of me also believes that more would get done if the “insurance” wasn’t doing such a predictable job. It’s quite simple, really. Let the Tea Partiers, Sarah and the like keep running their mouths. They will show themselves to be the idiots they are…and the Republican party will keep dividing.

Do you scared liberals out there truly believe that Sarah has a chance? If so, you are more naive than the Tea Party. Of course, in my case, this is a little bittersweet. Corporate Dems don’t have my best interest in mind either…but, they don’t want me dead, like the GOP does…LMAO.

So, this progressive liberal independent is ALL FOR a Sarah Palin presidential run in 2012! I also want more attention paid to Tea Partiers. Their ignorance and horribly distorted viewpoints are so cute!
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