Counting on Democracy

Well, you should vote…but, I understand your point. First of all, I want people who, for the most part, agree, to stop having pissing contests. This isn’t a “who’s smarter” competition; this is the real world with real consequences. How much more productive would that conversation have been if you focused on what you agree upon and brainstorm solutions?

The easiest thing we can all do is be an example to one another. Instead of going into a conversation trying to fight, try to find common ground and exploit it. This brings us together or, at the very least, can provide some respect for someone who you have differing viewpoints from.

Another easy way to tackle this is to put yourself out there, just like I’ve done…but, in your own way. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinions…but don’t be afraid when you get venom thrown your way, either. People have to stop being so sensitive. Just because someone vehemently disagrees with your opinion/stance, doesn’t mean that they hate you. They are just passionate…like you. See? Common ground.
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