Christine O’Donnell Slams Welfare, Pop Culture: You Can Legislate Morality (VIDEO)

To all people center or to the left of the political spectrum in this country: Do the right thing and support Christine O’Donnell. Yep, I said it…support her. Don’t do what you usually do and “disagree to agree” by hyper-explaining all the reasons that she’s completely and utter unqualified. Do what Republicans have historically done when their adversaries are shooting each other in the foot. Give her tons of “respect” by complimenting her, say to the media that she’s going to be “tough competition” and give her viewpoints way more respect than they deserve. This will make her appear to be much more intelligent than she clearly is…just support her endeavors and watch the Dems take more seats while the conservatives have their civil war. It’s about time they learned how frustrating it is when people who agree with you spend more time arguing with each other than solving problems.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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