Another Trip To Paris

Mug shot of Paris Hilton.

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So Paris Hilton gets busted…again.  Who cares, right?  I find it funny that everyone “says” that, but news about her gets ratings, money and sells media.  I have a proposal for Ms. Hilton though.  If she wants even more success, I suggest she tries “brutal honesty.”  Yep, that brutal honesty.  Step back for a second.  Do you think she’s actually stupid enough to say, “Oh, I thought the cocaine was gum.”  Really?  To a cop?  Paris is much smarter than people give her credit for.  Of course, I’m not sure she’s as smart as she thinks she is.  Clearly, her handlers told her to give that statement.  If I was her “handler?”  Here’s my advice:

You went with gum? Are you kidding me? It would be a lot more excellent if you said, “Yeah, I wanted to do some rails that night…I was in Vegas, for cryin’ out loud! Anyhow, you got me. How much do I need to pay to get out of this thing?”

For those of you who might be unaware of her current problems, here’s a link for you:

There is a larger point to all of this, in my opinion.  On one hand, you have a tremendous amount of people who say, “why do we even waste our time with this?”  Of course, those same people are saying that as they are reading the blog about it, IMing someone about how “lame” it is, and watching the report on television.  Then, you have another section of people who like to live vicariously through celebrities for a variety of reasons. Those people are the reason that TMZ and entertainment “news” can exist.  The bottom line:  People gravitate towards this kind of news and, instead of trying to act like we are better than it, why don’t we focus on the reasons why these stories are so popular?

Are you surprised to hear that a gorgeous, rich, outgoing female would be in Vegas, having fun, drinking, smoking and snorting a rail or two?  Me either.  Additionally, are you surprised at her reaction when she got caught?  Not really.  Her PR/promotions people put that statement out there.  I highly doubt Paris actually uttered those words.  The step further that people usually don’t take is to say, “Wait.  There’s no way she would have said that to a cop.”  Guess what?  You’re right.  Do you really think Paris looked the cop in the face when the baggie dropped out of her purse and said, “Oh, I’m sorry officer.  I thought it was gum.”  Are you kidding me?

Again…it’s the spin.   The vast majority of what is presented to you from the media is “spin,” in one way or another.  Plus, I don’t think it’s easy being Paris Hilton.  Just like a friend of mine said, “If I had someone trying to stick a camera up my ass all the time, I might be a cokehead too!”  If we take that to a legal and political level, according to another friend of mine, we could say that this is, “just another case of wasted police efforts and everyone trying to impose their morals on everyone else.”  In my opinion, that’s a fair point.  Alcohol will kill more people this year than cocaine.  It’s not even close.

There are always several (not just one or two) ways to look at EVERY piece of “news” that comes from all media.  Everyone who writes it has an agenda, everyone written/spoken about has an agenda and everyone who stands to make or lose profit from it has an agenda.  Looking into what those agendas are and how they play off of each other will lead you to the truth.  In other words, “follow the money.”  In conclusion, I defer to my man, GI Joe.  He would always say, “and know you know…and knowing is half the battle.”  And he’s still right.


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